Jemma is a fresh illustrator that’s just completed her Illustration BA (Hons) course at the University of Lincoln where she was able discover, build and evolve her work. 
Ever since she was young she has had a passion for the arts and isn’t scared of pushing her work out there even if there are errors on the way.  In her earlier education she worked a lot with oil paints and has developed this form over the years, but it wasn’t until she got into university did she find her niche area. 
Throughout the years before she has experimented with a lot of different art forms like clay work, lino printing and sewing.  Then in her second year of university she tried paper layering and fell in love with the creative process and experimental side of layering paper up to get depth within her illustrations.  Then when it came to her third year she knew she wanted to develop her paper layering skills further using a variety of textured papers to get different effect in her work as well as moving to 3D paper work with her flowers. 
As well as finding her niche area she was also able to build up her knowledge on the adobe creative suits, having proficient understanding on illustrator and photoshop to create digital work effectively. 
Now just coming out of university she has a fresh outlook and is looking forward to putting the skills she has learnt to use in the industry.

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